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Hawkeye recieved a pair of boots from Paul Sykes .

After an impressive four hour walk in a pair of ripped "Water Boots" Hawkeye was still smiling and had left us exhausted .

Paul was so impressed that he bought him a pair of boots that made him the King of the Mountain


Another visitor to the farm!!

This time our traveller came all the way from Australia . We are hoping that he will be back to this region and he and Karen will enjoy further farm visits


The view from my fold out bed at the sunrise , 5.30 time to get up !


Freddy's orchard in 2016. It has Limes, oranges, pomegranate, Golden Apple , Mango, Guava, Star fruit and Passion fruit growing.

The intention is to continue the orchard further down the slope where the Elephant Grass is growing

A cocoa tree surviving the drought

A view of the house from the North ridge .


Mango Tree in the bottom of the picture

Visit to the farm August 2017 Kieron and Crankz supplying the entertainment . Cocoa the dog came to see the cocoa growing!

A visit to the Farm for Colin and I in June 2017 . A bit of male bonding with Cranx going on !

Meanwhile Kieron was adept with his cutlass ---I dont think he has read the Health and Safety on Agricultural Lands manual

The Cocoa is growing well .This picture is from Dec 2017 

April 2018  and a trip to Montreal gardens and the farm 

A good Lunch 

Farm visit2.jpg

we had a group climbing the volcano and then back to the farm for a well deserved lunch

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